Show Boat

Gerd Mairandres / Wig Master Extraordinaire
Gerd Mairandres / Wig Master Extraordinaire
Our last “Show Boat” pulled out of the dock for ports unknown on July 2nd. If we were still on the schedule, it would almost be time to perform once again. While the S.F. Opera was always playing, there were some significant gaps between “Show Boat” performances. Most of our principles, with the exception of Patricia Racette and Morris Robinson, who were appearing In “Madama Butterfly”, were idle for days on end. Although, the singers need the recovery time, the actors were chomping a the bit to perform. Eight shows a week on Broadway, can seem like a bridge too far. But, one or two shows a week leave actors wanting so much more. It’s hard to improve “sitting alone in your room”. But, torpor as it turns out has an upside.The company had a lot of time to bond over non-theater related activities. We became a part of each others lives in a way that rarely happens in a crammed eight show week.
Last night Heidi Stober, whose mother I played, sent me a video of her baby’s first steps. I can’t believe I missed seeing it in person by a day or two, but I am so touched to have been included in this miracle.
This morning my wonderful S.F. Opera dresser Barbara Nicholas, sent a photo of me with the Head of Wigs, which is I believe his actual title, Gerd Mairandres. Gerd is retiring this year from the San Francisco Opera. While he pinned my wigs and applied my make-up (yes, it’s opera, they do your make-up for you) we had time to talk about his plans and what is next for him. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Barbara and Gerd. They care as much about the theater as anyone I’ve met. This was evident in their conversation and in every gesture. They made me feel more than welcome at the opera house, and we made a particularly happy team.
The “Show Boat” company was filled with incredible actors, singers and dancers. That story will keep for another time. Today, I am missing the collegial and familial atmosphere that developed among us. All in all, it was the best of all possible gigs.

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